13 comments on “HP 255 G1 Laptop with Ubuntu

  1. Nice review. I also just bought one of these from eBuyer. After about 20 minutes with Ubuntu I couldn’t live with the laggy performance of the Unity desktop under the now middle aged 12.04 Ubuntu environment.
    I installed Linux Mint 17 Qiana (based on the 14.04 Ubuntu release) 64 bit with the Cinnamon desktop, installed the AMD Catalyst driver for the graphics and BOOM this 200 quid laptop feels so much snappier to use with little to no lag.
    A couple of other observations… mine had some odd BIOS settings that needed tweaking. By default the cooling fan was set to always on which was annoying and killed the battery. Secondly the boot order initially prevented me booting from a USB stick, so that needed fiddling with.
    I definitely suggest switching out Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity to something a little more responsive. It makes the world of difference to this machine.

    • Great feedback, thanks. I would love to have tried the same, but the laptop has already gone to the end user.

      It would be interesting to find out whether Ubuntu 14.04 would also show improved performance.

      Thanks again.

      • Dear Chris,

        I wonder if you could help me. I have an HP 255 G1 supplied by Ebuyer with Ubuntu 12.04 loaded. I am keen to get the upgrade to 14.04 working properly. I have it running but the keyboard mapping is US whatever I do (e.g. Shift-3 is # rather than £) and I have not succeeded in getting the TouchPad to work at all. I have an experienced Unix system manager looking into it. I used Unix systems a lot years ago but have no deep knowledge of current Linux implementations.

        Stuart Judge

      • Stuart, I haven’t come across this problem, but surely you just go to Settings, Keyboard Layout, add UK and remove US? But, as I write this I am using 12.04, so perhaps it has changed!


      • Thanks very much for your prompt reply.

        It is not so simple. According to the settings the keyboard is UK. But it isn’t. I have noticed that dpng does not offer one a keyboard for the HP 255 G1. I have tried a number of the listed options, but not found one that works. Incidentally I am not 100% sure what the keyboard/touchpad hardware is. Some sources identify is as an Advanced Silicon S.A. AT Translated set 2 Keyboard – assuming that is a hardware identity and not a software convention, and that is certainly what Ubuntu currently thinks. What does your 12.04 think?


  2. Stuart. Have you *removed* “English US” recently? I did yesterday on my work PC and my keyboard reverted to US. I added “English US” back again and my UK keyboard started working again. Barking mad, but there you go.

    • Dear Chris,

      For me the problem was that I had BOTH UK and US English options enabled, and the keyboard then defaults to US. I just deleted the US English option and the UK keyboard worked fine. I also solved the trackpad problem by re-installing 14.04 from disk and in the options saying “Yes” to installation of third party software.


  3. Having difficulty finding suitable printer for linux preferably below £100. Their linux properties
    missing at point of sale. Been looking at the HP range. Main difficulty is being 81 and suffering with lots of senior moments.

    • My solution in recent years has been to go for HP network printers, either wired or wireless depending on need. Currently I have an HP Officejet J6410, which has been my best printer so far. From memory it was around £100 at the time.

      Obviously the printer still needs to be supported, which you can check at:


      This gives me the ability to scan across the network, print, and photocopy. A modern equivalent would seem to be the HP OfficeJet 4630-e – which seems to have Linux support and about £85. You would need to make your own checks as to suitability!

  4. Have read with interest i have the hp255 with ubuntu only about a year old.It just went to us setting the other day.My daughter has gone into settings and any other info,but it will not revert back to uk.Although a pain i am still useing,but really would like this sorted.
    Any other ideas please,

    • I seem to recall having this problem and finding that from the notification area changing to US and then back to UK again cleared the problem. I believe this issue did recur a few times, but went away after upgrading to 14.04. All this is from memory though, I could well be mistaken. A quick Google came up with this issue, which seems like the problem I had – any use?

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