10 comments on “iRedMail – Open Source Mailserver

      • Thanks.
        Yes. It seems that possible to deploy multiple domains. But Fetching mail via POP3/SMTP is not available in Open source version.
        Do you have any recommendation of any of other mail servers?

      • If you look at where you read about “Fetching mail” you’ll see it refers only to “service control”, i.e. the ability to control those services from the admin panel. As long as you’re happy to control those services from the command line, that is not a problem. I assume by controlling they’re referring to starting and stopping those services.

        Just to be clear – there is only one edition of iRedMail and that is fully open source. The only thing that isn’t open source is the pro admin panel – the web page for controlling the iRedMail. You don’t need this for anything, except convenient administration of the server.

  1. Thanks for the write-up. I have installed and configured iRedMail with ease, however, it leaves me wondering about security. Who is the developer? Is there a backdoor that is opened to my server when iRedMail is installed. Any ideas on how to alleviate my paranoia?

    • Well, it is all open source software, so ultimately I guess you could check the code. But I’ve had no problems of which I am aware.

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