4 comments on “Linux is free and wastes less time than Windows

  1. .net framework 1, 2, and 4 are independent and run alongside each other. Your problem was that you didn’t just do what it told you to. Also there is an installer from MS that installs the relevant one which the 3rd party developer could have included so a bit lame to blame the OS for the programs bad installer/lack of docs.

    Try dealing with conflicting dependencies in managed packages under linux and then tell me if that wastes less time than googling an installer!

    • It prompted me to install version “2.0/3.0” which is hardly helpful.

      I would also say that generally version numbers are sequential, not parallel. If Microsoft are breaking that paradigm, then they should expect confusion to follow.

      Dependency conflicts under Linux are rare these days, certainly I haven’t encountered one in Debian for a very long time. Other distributions may be different of course.

      • Sequential in features but not in compatibility. It is more common that major point releases are breaking and minor point releases are compatible. Python 2.6 and 3 are one of many examples on linux. Maintaining compatibiliy whilst avoiding bloat when changing features is a general problem with the release process across computing. It is a bit unfair and contrived to say that it is an example of an advantage of linux.

      • I still think that it was natural for me to assume that the later version would replace the earlier versions, but I do take your point about Python – Linux is not immune to such confusions! Except that under Linux I would not have had to make that decision – the package manager would have done that for me (depending on the specific package manager).

        And even had I chosen to download .NET 2.0 or 3.0 my experience would have been virtually the same, I would still have been unable to download using IE8 because of a website bug, I would still have been left hunting for it around the hopeless Download Center, I would still have had a poor and time consuming experience.

        And yes the 3rd party developer could have made this easier.

        My point was only that all too often Linux is pointed out as being difficult, or time-consuming, and here was an example where the opposite was true, I stand by that.

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