7 comments on “Dynamic DNS and Remote SSH and VNC

  1. VNC over cable modems/dsl has been extremely slow, and even worse with the ssh overhead. I’d recommend using NXclient and freenx-server. It’s over ssh and you can either shadow the user’s directory (like VNC), or just work remotely (like plain ssh -Y but much faster).

  2. I would always use NX for remote working, but VNC for remote support. Different tools – different jobs. So many people use VNC for remote working and they’d be so much better off installing NX. But should we be using FreeNX or Google’s NeatX?

  3. Nice blog mate. I use NoMachine NX everywhere. Very nice application, easy to configure even and secure.

  4. It is worth mentioning the the computer being supported should be given a static IP address. If there is more than one computer/wifi printer/internet radio/visitor it is possible that the DHCP server in the router will give a different address each time the computer boots up.

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