2 comments on “Three things I love about PekWM

  1. I love how it’s everything I wanted out of a window manager but never had. Fluxbox was too archaic and old school for me (the age of the code shows), and openbox theming left a lot to be desired (I like the idea of generated themes, but not if they can’t have rounded edges).

    Pekwm has the capability to be beautiful and as light as any other WM, along with the features you mentioned. I personally wouldn’t choose any other WM after my experience with PekWM. PekWM is to window managers as KDE 4 is to DEs.

    The other thing I love is that, like other window managers, it has clear configuration files, but this extends to theming, so it’s quite easy for a novice to pick up and use every feature available.

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