6 comments on “Install Debian Squeeze with RAID1+LVM

  1. In the first step of the procedure (Partition disks) I would recommend you to also create a /boot partition on the second drive so that you have the possibility to boot from the second drive in case the first drive crashes.

  2. Thanks for you insightful article. I have a new server with BIOS RAID, how did you manage to remove or disable the BIOS RAID in order to avoid it as alluded in your introduction?

    • I am sorry, but I really don’t remember that as being an issue, perhaps because I never configured it. I would have changed the boot order, in order to boot from my IODD drive, other than that I really don’t remember.

  3. Yes, I am doing the same though I am booting off a DVD drive. When it comes to partitioning during the installation process, I only see one hard drive instead of two. This means I am only able to partition one. The DVD contains Debian 6 as well. I suspect the BIOS RAID is part of the problem.

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